Maybaum Film involves TeamWork in a scandal

TeamWork Switzerland is on the lookout for well-trained employees. Since there is an above-average shortage of skilled workers in the industry, eye-catching recruiting and loud employer branding are in demand. For this, Maybaum Film has taken unconventional paths.

To create the necessary attention, Maybaum Film involved the company in an avoidable scandal. Like in a true-crime format, TeamWork employees stand in front of the camera and tell unbelievable stories. Because the working conditions at TeamWork Switzerland are simply scandalously good.

With the scandalous campaign, however, TeamWork not only wants to attract attention. It is also intended to show that "Teamwork" is not only eponymous, but also part of the philosophy. "This gives the concept the necessary authenticity, while at the same time introducing the target group to their potential colleagues," says Flavio Alraun, Creative Producer on the part of Maybaum Film. The campaign includes an employer branding video, various recruiting ads and several videos highlighting Teamwork's departments.

In addition to concept and production, the film production company is also responsible for content distribution. Together with the partner company Attackera, the multichannel campaign was set up and managed. According to the agency, the use of programmatic videos in particular led to an above-average number of views of the job advertisements.

Responsible at Teamwork: Cindy Schneiter. Responsible at Maybaum Film (production): Flavio Alraun (Producer), Noëmi Krüsi (Director), Sara Maag (Cinematographer), Marco Joeger (Motion Design), Sara Maag (Editor), Tim Zumstein (Sound Design/Mastering) Responsible for Attackera: Kevin Köchli (Distribution).

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