Sunrise and Thjnk: Real CEOs as testimonials

Thjnk created a new testimonial campaign for Sunrise Business in which the CEOs of Sanitas Troesch and Zaptec Switzerland talk about their visions.

As a full-service provider, Sunrise Business offers companies not only complete solutions in the areas of mobile and connectivity, but also particularly personal consulting. This is also an important success factor in the B2B sector. To convey to the outside world how important it is for Sunrise Business to work in partnership with its corporate customers and how passionately they support them on their way to achieving their goals, there is now a new testimonial campaign by Thjink Zurich: In specially designed sets, the visions of Patrick Maier, CEO of Sanitas Troesch, and Florian Kienzle, Managing Director of Zaptec Switzerland, were brought to life.

For Sanitas Troesch, a feel-good oasis was created from their kitchen and bathroom products:

The motif for Zaptec Switzerland is all about the growth of e-mobility, which they want to drive with their charging stations:

In the sets, both the key visuals were photographed and two online videos were produced. In these, the entrepreneurs talk in detail about working with Sunrise Business and explain how Sunrise products help them achieve their goals. For the tactical motifs, employees of the testimonials were photographed in their work environment.

The creative concept is played out throughout the year with focus themes. The first thematic flight is dedicated to mobile products and features digital out-of-home, ads in the Sunday press, megaposters, advertising space on golf courses and in business lounges, and of course online ads. The campaign will be accompanied by content marketing elements such as social media, blog posts, print and video reports, and events.

Responsible at Sunrise: Stefanie Heller (Head of Brand & Marketing Communication), Rebekka Dolenc (Senior Marketing Manager), Uta Engelmann (Senior Marketing Manager). Responsible at thjnk Zurich: Alexander Jaggy, Pablo Schencke (GF Creation), Artur Deyneuve (Creative Direction), Maira Weidmann (Text), Luca Stancheris, Fabian Esslinger (Art Direction), Lea Scherz (Graphic Design), Andrea Bison (GF Consulting) Michaela Bossard, Claudia Ziltener, Anoushé Dastmaltschi (Consulting), Gordon Nemitz (GF Strategy). External partners: Stories AG (production), Alexander Wyssling (producer), Lennart Ritscher (photography), Janic Halioua (direction), Roger Staub (production design), Michael Sonderegger (photography). Mediatonic: Marco Rose, David Hoesli, Cédric Zwicky, Sir Mary: Kevin Schaelchlin, Vanessa Habisreutinger, Marion Nicolaus, Fabian Habisreutinger (Media), thjnk 24/7, RTK (Implementation).





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