Switzerland Tourism advertises with Roger Federer and Trevor Noah

After the success with Anne Hathaway and Robert de Niro, Switzerland Tourism is following up with a worldwide campaign including a commercial with Roger Federer and Trevor Noah.

"Roger Federer shoots commercial with Trevor Noah" - that was the headline in numerous Swiss media in January, including Advertisingweek.ch reported. The film with the two superstars already caused a spectacle and a partially cordoned-off Zurich main station before its release. Now it is finally clear what it is about: Roger Federer is promoting the "Grand Train Tour of Switzerland" for Switzerland Tourism (ST) in 2023. ST's global brand ambassador can be seen alongside comedian Trevor Noah in the national tourism marketing organization's latest film. He was able to convince the latter to join him in promoting train travel in Switzerland. However, the two have to contend with a number of challenges during the joint shoot, such as Swiss punctuality - or choosing the right platform.

After Anne Hathaway and Robert de Niro now comes Trevor Noah

The new story centers once again on Roger Federer's attempt to shoot a commercial for Switzerland. After trying in vain to win over Robert De Niro in 2021 and also falling short in 2022 with Anne Hathaway (Advertisingweek.ch reported) - both commercials broke records - he tries his luck in this year's spot with Trevor Noah, a comedian, bestselling author, producer and philanthropist. Unfortunately, he fails again, as the two co-stars foolishly board the wrong train. But this turns out to be a stroke of luck: because the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland is also a great experience if you travel it involuntarily. In Switzerland, you're never on the wrong train, is the message of the film.

The film, directed by Oscar winner Tom Hooper, is part of a worldwide campaign to position Switzerland as an attractive rail travel destination. The Grand Train Tour of Switzerland featured in the film combines all the famous panoramic routes on a 1,280-kilometer round trip by rail, taking visitors in comfort to Switzerland's most famous sights.

Played out worldwide

According to the new Advertiser of the Year, André Hefti, Marketing Director of Switzerland Tourism, the collaboration with Roger Federer and his team continues to have a lot of potential: "This collaboration offers us a unique perspective and always inspires us to come up with new ideas."

In addition to the main spot, numerous other advertising materials are in use under the slogan "I need the ride of my life. I need Switzerland." promote various offers and experiences related to train travel. The campaign, which focuses on digital moving images, is being played out worldwide, with a focus on the markets of the USA, India, Korea, Southeast Asia, Greater China, the UK, and Germany.

Werbewoche.ch spoke exclusively with Switzerland Tourism CMO André Hefti and Wirz co-CEO Livio Dainese about the filming. To the interview.

Responsible at Switzerland Tourism:Martin Nydegger (CEO); André Hefti (Chief Marketing Officer); Martin Pally, Janine Allemann, Pascal Fussen and Anja Müller (Campaigning); Pascal Bloch, Oliver Nyffeler, Anouk Blum, Sarah Krauer, Matyas Fabian, Kim Corpataux, André Meier (Productions); Markus Berger and Julian Thorner (Corporate Communications); Dominic Stöcklin, Natalie Schönbächler, Katharina Frede, Monika Häfliger and Marie Jaquet (Marketing Distribution and Social Media); Felix Pal (Storyteller), Kim Suh-Kyung, Daniel Zapf, Mark Diggelmann and Luc Gschwend (Digital); Joanna Wencel and Kathrin Schürer (CRM); Jasmin Wyrsch and Luca Giordani (Touring); Andreas Niederhauser (Head of Marketing, Swiss Travel System AG). Responsible at Wirz Group:Livio Dainese, Jan Kempter, Björn Bippus, Luigi Vitiello (creation); Erasmo Palomba (agency producing); Laura Saner, Tim Lieberherr, Noemie La Bella (social media); Petra Dreyfus, Nico Keramaris, Andrea Müller, Ria Meghji, Nadia Bruni (consulting); Yussef Serrat, Sonja Jegen, Günter Prächt, Besian Ademi (media realization) . Responsible at TUNA production AG (film production):Tufan Tuna, Derya Tuna (Executive Producer); Tom Hooper (Director); Jakob Ihre (Director of Photography); Nick Sutherland-Dodd (Producer); Timo Stump (Moving Image Creator). Responsible at Sir Mary (Media Agency): Fabian Habisreutinger (Partner, Strategy Director Media & Data); Vanessa Habisreutinger (Partner, Director Marketing Technology); Katharina Günther (Head of Media Planning); Marion Nicolaus (Head of Media Operations & Intelligence); Céline Zemp (AdTechnology & Programmatic Manager); Sira Wengi (Digital Planner & Consultant).


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