Moving forward as a community: A fresh look for the ZVV

With a new claim and a refreshed image, ZVV underlines that it enables mobility today and in the future, moving individuals and society forward.

A new claim for the Zürcher Verkehrsverbund: "Forward together.". Under this motto, the advantages of the ZVV and its possibilities are to be communicated with a positive view into the future. The structure of the appearance was developed by the ZVV together with strategist Peter Felser and the creatives Stefanie Huber and Peter Brönnimann. Whereas the previous campaign was originally about individuals getting ahead, the focus is now increasingly on getting ahead as a community.

For the visual implementation, art director Stefanie Huber created an independent colorful world of graphic movement forms: "We visually translated the common, the forward and the optimism graphically with the diverse colorfulness of the different ZVV lines," says Stefanie Huber.

The new look can be seen not only on posters, DOOH and animated banners, but will soon also be on hundreds of streetcar, bus and train doors. In addition, a Zurich streetcar and a Winterthur bus will be on the road in the new ZVV style from April. A "Forward Together" train in the colorful new ZVV look is also in preparation.


Responsible at ZVV: Lukas Tenger (Head of Marketing), Thomas Kellenberger (Head of Communications), Peter Schilde (Marketing Communications), Cristina Maurer (Communications). Strategy: Peter Felser. Creation: Stefanie Huber, Peter Brönnimann. Motion Design: Simone Nucci, Jürg Dummermuth (Ploy Studio Zurich), Janine Schärer, Josh Schaub. Sound/Music: Dubdub Studios. Media: Konnex.

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