"Fairbruary" is Campaign of the Month

Since this year, the digital specialist Capture Media has been selecting a monthly "Campaign of the Month" from among all ongoing campaigns. In February, "Fairbruary" from Fairtrade Max Havelaar won.

"Fairbruary," the campaign of Fairtrade Max Havelaa, is Capture Media's Campaign of the Month. Every month, the digital specialist selects one of all current campaigns that has performed particularly well in terms of performance, creativity, innovation and relevance.

The term fairness is a big word and has an impact on decisions and behavior in everyday life. It expresses a subjective feeling and has a proven influence on social, economic and ecological developments - because fairness stabilizes cooperative behavior and promotes a sustainable attitude to life.

The overall goal of the campaign is to highlight and raise awareness of this idea of fairness in order to improve the living and working conditions of small farmers and workers in countries that are disadvantaged by unfair global trade structures. Education will help to develop and promote consumer awareness about the origin and production chain of everyday goods and foods. The mission is to bring smallholders and consumers closer together to promote fairer trade and to support smallholders in fighting poverty, strengthening their position and improving their lives sustainably through their own efforts. The core message: everyone should live fairly in the month of February. This gives rise to the appropriate play on words, "Fairbruary." You're not supposed to be perfect, but you're supposed to be fair-seeking to live as sustainably as possible and creating awareness for that lifestyle.

During four weeks in February, users are picked up via a holistic setup across the entire "Awareness - Consideration - Performance" online marketing funnel.

Challenge with gamification

Real awareness for the Fairbruary is achieved by means of in-ad experience via the interactive display format Ad Engagement in the form of a Challenge generated. 6.76 percent of all users played with the interactive ad (average engagement rate 2 percent). Around 1.72 percent of engaged users clicked on the CTA and went to the landing page. The goal of the game was to collect all Fairtrade products using an arrow. This lets users internalize the Fairtrade label in a playful and intrinsic way and promotes awareness of these very products when they next shop.

On the landing page of the campaign, the consideration and performance phase takes place in the form of demonstrable knowledge transfer and registrations for the Fairtrade Challenge with integrated competition. Via the site engagement measures native, social, social video, display, newsletter in the languages German and French (share: 60/40), qualitative traffic is brought to the Fairbruary.com site via three different visuals and video snippets.

Fusedeck's reporting shows above-average performance values: Over 53 percent of users actively engaged with the content for at least 45 seconds (window in the foreground and cursor always in motion). Almost 1.7 percent of all users also registered for the challenge and the competition.

Responsible at Fairtrade Max Havelaar: Lucie Heidmann (Brand Marketing Manager); responsible at Capture Media: Leona Zerr (Digital & Analytics Vice Lead), Jan Bachmann (Business Developer), Leandra Cherella (Digital Designer); Caroline Jeszenszky (Marketing Manager).


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