Rod and Zürich Tourism: Silvia and Matteo are actively relaxing in Zürich

The current campaign by Zürich Tourism and Rod Kommunikation aims to show that the numerous sports and recreational opportunities make a trip to the Zürich region even more attractive.

Guests from all over the world appreciate Zürich as a cultural and culinary hotspot. The Zurich region is also a convincing destination for mindful travel and pure relaxation. The current campaign shows Silvia and Matteo sinking happily and relaxed into their hotel pillow after eventful days in Zürich.

The clips will be played out in two waves, at the end of March and the end of August, via video and streaming platforms such as YouTube and Meta, as well as via new advertising formats on Netflix. In particular, sports- and pleasure-oriented people in Germany, Paris and London are to be inspired to take an active trip to Zurich and invited to the campaign landing page. On the landing page, the eventful program of Silvia and Matteo summarized. In addition, the users receive complex information about the entire sports and leisure offer of the city and the surrounding region.

City trips in combination with activities in local recreation areas are in vogue. With the lake and the surrounding regions, Zurich will continue to make greater use of this USP in tactical marketing measures in the future.

Responsible at Zürich Tourism: Janine Rupf (Lead Content & Campaigns), Martin Birrer (Area Manager D/A/CH), Nathalie Lüthi (Head of Marketing), Guxim Shoshaj (Digital Marketing Manager), Anita Lutz (Manager Branding & Production). Overall responsibility conception, creation & realization: Rod Communication. Film and photo production: Hillton, Kris Lüdi (director), Alessandra Dolci (production), Silvano Zeiter (photography), Pablo Nouvelle (music). Media: Katharina Günther, Sir Mary.

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