Kind regards for Ricardo: The future is needed

Following the launch of the "Re-Loved" campaign in 2022, Ricardo is now launching its second communication offensive. This is intended to show that the "Re-Loved" bracket launched by Freundliche Grüsse is flexible and widely applicable.

Ricardo launched the "Re-Loved" campaign last year ( reported). In the campaign continuation, the focus is no longer only on fashion, but also on many other product areas - in keeping with the spring theme. These include the entire barbecue and garden range as well as the bicycle category and everything that goes with outdoor activities. The simple combination of "Re" and individual objects encourages existing and potential Ricardo users to buy and sell used items, thus contributing to a sustainable circular economy.

In addition to new subjects, a film was created that unites the various product areas. The continuation of the campaign can now be seen throughout Switzerland. The measures are used on TV and posters as well as in online videos and other social media implementations and display ads.

Responsible at Ricardo: Christine Moch (Head of Brand Marketing), Olivier Schorro, Ana Jagacic (Brand Marketing), Catherine Günther (Digital Marketing), Alberto Bozzi (Communication Manager). Responsible at Friendly regards: Pascal Deville, Samuel Textor,Marion Schwager (overall responsibility), Mara Schwegler (art direction), Philipp Gloyer, David Elmiger, Christian Stüdi (text), Roxana Hudson (consulting). Responsible at Tasty Pictures Film production: Lea Fee, Pascal Duschletta (Producer), Emilia Staugaard (Photography), Nicklas Hemming (DOP/Director), Jürgen Kupka (Colorist), UKO The Audio Suite (Dubbing & Mix), Media (Mediaschneider).

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