Zimmermann takes Colori-del-Ticino campaign even further digitally

The collaboration between Ticino Turismo and the Pantone Color Institute continues in 2023 with fresh implementations and becomes more digital. Zimmermann Communications visualizes this in a colorful campaign.

After the first five colors in spring 2022 and the subsequent color explosion in autumn, Ticino Turismo remains true to its pictorial core idea and once again presents the most beautiful sides of the canton in a reduced visual language in collaboration with the Pantone Color Institute. With five Pantone colors launching spring, the journey through the canton continues. More colors and surprising new implementations will be added in the coming months.

The implementation of the campaign focuses more strongly on the digital in 2023. On a website designed by Zimmermann Communications Landing page Ticino Turismo no longer wants to convince users only with colorful films and subjects, but now also with exciting content formats, color definitions and interaction options. Users can discover corresponding offers for each color and are entertained with a Colori-del-Ticino memory, which, according to the agency, has generated many leads in a short time.

The campaign is being played out in various phases in German- and French-speaking Switzerland on social media and via an online campaign. In a teaser phase, Ticino Turismo is once again sensitizing its target groups to the topic of colors and teasing the new colors of the season.

Various interactive elements on social media support the storytelling, and various short films are used online.

Target group-specific e-mail marketing, press relations, a collaboration with the magazine of the NZZ on Sunday and NZZ Bellevue as well as other activities round off the campaign. As in the fall of 2022, the campaign will also be used in the spring of 2023 in Baden-Württemberg, where advertising materials tailored specifically to this market will be played out primarily in social media, supplemented by various key account measures.

Responsible for Ticino Turismo: Manuela Nicoletti (Director of Marketing). Responsible at Zimmermann Communications: Christoff Strukamp (Creative Direction, Text), Sonja Zimmerli (Digital Art Direction), Florian Bieniek (Consulting & Project Management), Rolf Zimmermann (Overall Responsibility, Strategy and Media). Film production: Tuna Productions, Timo Stump (Shooting Director), Truecolorfilms, Alvaro Vogel (Producer).

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