Galaxus posters are vacuumed, hammered and blow-dried

For the current wave of the Galaxus product range campaign, movement comes into play. The 28 subject ideas are provided by the products themselves. now offers more than five million products. To show this enormous selection in a striking way, the in-house creation of Galaxus has once again counted in numerous product categories.

The inspiration for the reduced but typographically playful implementation of the subjects always comes from the idea of the product shown: Letters become leaves for a rake. Or a wind instrument blows the headline with a wry sound. A total of 28 subjects were created.

The current subjects can be seen from Monday to mid-April in DOOH, OOH, print and online throughout German- and French-speaking Switzerland.

Responsible at Digitec Galaxus: Martin Walthert (Chief Marketing Officer), Flurin Spring (Creative Director), Ursina Grimm (Head of Brand Management), Annina Müggler (Teamlead Creation), Madeleine Bello, Branko Nastic (Project Management, Brand Management), Ali Tseme (Concept), Severin Keller (Senior Digital Media Designer, Motion Design), Maggie Blaser (Junior Digital Media Designer), Sven Mathis (Senior Graphic Designer), Daniel Kobi (Art Director), Bastian Otter (Senior Copywriter), Christian Walker (Content Creator), Cédric Feusi (Digital Marketing), Luca Giugliano (Digital Marketing & Media Planning), Gesine Hauder (Senior Media Planner), Claudio Candinas (Teamleader Social Media & Community). External partners:inside: Cathrin Schön (photography), Detail (image editing), Nadim Elhady, Ozelot Studios (motion design).

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