Mainland and OST are looking for the engineers of tomorrow

Switzerland needs more skilled workers, especially in engineering. Universities of applied sciences such as OST open up paths to the future that are both high-quality and practical. Festland is highlighting this in a current campaign.

OST, the largest university of applied sciences in eastern Switzerland, offers a wide range of bachelor's degree programs for future engineers - from computer science to electrical, mechanical, systems and environmental engineering to industrial engineering.

But how do you get young people excited about studying engineering? The campaign that Festland created with OST is designed to address the tech leaders of tomorrow at eye level and in their own language - with representatives of the target group as key visuals and T-shirt headlines as key messages. The dialect and the OST branding anchor the concept in the market region and brand world.

The focus of the media mix is on digital channels with an affinity for the target group, such as Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. Additional visibility will be provided by targeted posters around the OST locations in Buchs, Rapperswil and St.Gallen. With a new landing page was also created that presents all the offers.

A TikTok star named Surrli

Festland and OST have produced a special subject for TikTok. An engineering student presents the Surrli here in order to play the channel in a media-appropriate way. This spinning top, developed at OST, is programmable and generates an illuminated text when spun. For example: "Become an engineer!"

Responsible at OST: Roland Seeger (Team Leader Campaigns/Website); Carlos Friedrich (Head of Marketing). Responsible agency: Mainland.

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