Maybaum film shows Coop Rechtsschutz from the sporty side

Coop Rechtsschutz supports three young athletes on their way to the World Championships and the Olympic Games. The video series by Maybaum Film shows Petra Klingler, Simon Westermann and Nick Hatz in spectacular shots.

The footage for the films about the professional athletes was shot in three night shoots at different sports facilities in St.Gallen, Zurich and Sursee. As is usual when working with professional athletes, time pressure was a constant companion. However, the sports facilities themselves were the scheduling factor, as they could only be used for the respective shoot late in the evening.

"With the project for Coop Rechtsschutz, we already had a clear idea of what the result should look like in the concept phase. Despite the limited time frame, we set the bar for implementation very high," says Noëmi Krüsi, summarizing the challenges of the shoot, which she directed.

In addition to many beads of sweat, the motivation and enthusiasm of the athletes for their respective disciplines are in the foreground. Swiss boulderer Petra Klingler was filmed on the climbing wall - by Sara Maag, a camerawoman with a head for heights, from the lifting platform. Triathlete Simon Westermann was filmed from a rubber dinghy during swim training in the indoor pool. And for the film about fencer Nick Hatz, the Saalsporthalle in Zurich was completely befogged.

The result is three coherent sujets of shadows, silhouettes, backlit and close-up shots.

Responsible at Coop Rechtsschutz: Petra Huser, Martina Frey (Corporate Communications). Responsible at Maybaum Film: Daniel Neuhaus; Noëmi Krüsi (director); Sara Maag (camera & editing); Simona De Roni (camera assistance); Tim Zumstein (sound design/mastering).

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