KSP promotes the sustainability platform of Thomy Switzerland

With the "Planethomy" platform, the Thomy brand wants to share its commitment to the environment and society, packaging and CO2, ingredients and nutrition as well as social initiatives with its customers. KSP Krieg Schlupp Partner is responsible for the implementation.

On "Planethomy," stories are told about the brand's sustainable enjoyment initiatives and progress in sustainability. The first two stories on sustainable topics were launched at the start of the platform.

On the subject of food waste, Thomy has a tube key that helps you get the most out of your favorite sauces. Customers can order the tube key free of charge via the website. In addition, the partnership with "Too Good To Go" is being addressed as part of the fight against food waste.

On the subject of nutrition, Thomy informs about the salt reduction of many products. In total, the brand has reduced the salt content in 19 products.

The stories of "Planethomy" are told in the following ways Thomy.chThey are advertised on Thomy's social media channels and with a digital newsletter. In addition to the strategy and the development of the "Planethomy" platform, all measures were created and implemented by KSP.

Five more stories on sustainable enjoyment initiatives are to follow in 2023.

Responsible at Nestlé Suisse: Jeanne DuPasquier (Communication & eBusiness Manager Thomy), Tobias von Rohr (Head of Marketing Ambient Food). Responsible at KSP: Marie Auer (Graphics, Content Creation, Editing), Julian Riegel, Wolfram Scherer (Text), Uwe Schlupp, (Creative Direction), Claudia Imholz (Consulting), Manuela Pasanen, Bianca Jäger (DTP), Uwe Schlupp, Daniel Krieg (Strategy and Overall Responsibility).

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