How WPP Team Connect rings in spring for Do it + Garden

The WPP team working for Migros Specialty Markets is ringing in the spring and launching a new positioning for Do it + Garden along with a new claim: "Make it. Love it.

This positioning is based on a simple idea: the beauty of do-it-yourself is not just the result, but the making itself. It creates relaxation, balance, satisfaction, pride - in short, homemade joie de vivre. This is also reflected in the new brand claim "Make it. Love it." and in the new campaign for the Do it + Garden spring range. It calls on us to do things that we generally don't even think we can do. But we can: when gardening, barbecuing, designing with garden furniture, we are all creators. And that fits perfectly with spring, a time of creation in which everything comes into being anew.

The orchestrated campaign plays on TV, radio, online, social media, OOH, print and can be found on the sales floors of the stores. Team Connect is the customized WPP agency for Migros Fachmärkte AG. Team Connect is made up of the agencies Scholz & Friends, Ogilvy and Wunderman Thompson for strategy and creation, and the Hogarth agency for production, which work in different constellations for the individual specialist stores.

Responsible at Do It + Garden: Roland Seiler (Head of Do it + Garden), Kai Hannwacker (Head of MarKom), Stephanie Schefer (Project Manager MarKom), Aline Nyffenegger (Head of Pop Management & Strategic Projects), Helen Round (Project Manager MarKom), Cyril Biland (Manager Media Excellence). Responsible at Team Connect: David Fischer, Christian Vosshagen, Barbara Hartmann, Franziska Staeger, Martin Arnold, Joana Faria, Roger Krage, Aster Loerli, Patrick Bucher, Cinthia Stettler, Monja Mangieri (creation); Ella Papadakis, Tom Hubli, Mathias Rösch (consulting); Matthias Müller, Evelyn Weissheim (strategy). Production: Hogarth; Sebahat Film + Foto. Photography: Simon Opladen. Media agency: Dentsu, Webrepublic.

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