Erdmannpeisker for city of Biel: work à la biennoise

In order to attract good and qualified personnel, the city of Biel has implemented an employer branding campaign together with the Biel agency Erdmannpeisker.

Good skilled workers and qualified employees are in short supply in Switzerland. In some sectors, such as nursing staff or pedagogical professions, the situation is already dramatic. The city of Biel is also desperately seeking suitable employees and has therefore invested for the first time in an employer campaign to motivate Biel residents to work for their city.

As a basis for the online advertising media, Erdmannpeisker, in cooperation with the city of Biel, defined the most important insights for working in and for Biel. The message follows the purpose principle and focuses on the strongest insight of the target group - and that in the typical Biel language slalom: "Work for the city que tu aimes."

With the moderate budget, an eye-catching and recognizable look is even more important. With the collages and cutout a fresh and dynamic style was found, which underlines the informal attitude of the city in a sympathetic way.
The campaign will be aired on LinkedIn and Instagram and will be complemented with spots at EHCB home games as well as selected also with billboards in Biel.


Responsible at the city of Biel: Ruth Perracini-Liechti (Head of Human Resources), Andrea Künsch-Wälchli, (Co-Head of Human Resources and Organizational Development & Responsible for Vocational Training), Julien Steiner (Deputy City Clerk), Nadine Broggi (Communications Officer). Responsible at Erdmannpeisker: Gabriel Peisker (Creative Director and Text) Selina Helbling (Consulting), Laura Fässler (Film and Motion Design), Jenny Ziörjen (Art Direction), Attackera (Media Planning).

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