Yes! Creative Digital Marketing: Self-promotion with cat meat

Self-promotion with a difference: The agency Yes! Creative Digital Marketing from Chur wants to pave the way for a new trend with its cat cookbook - or is it?

Anyone who sees the current campaign by Yes! Creative Digital Marketing probably can't help but frown in confusion: the Chur-based agency is advertising a cat cookbook - and no, it doesn't contain any recipes for cuddly pussycats: "Foodstuffs long thought to have been forgotten are making a comeback in the kitchen. Cat meat is one of them," writes the agency in a press release, and with its cat cookbook it supposedly wants to focus on this "new trend.

Product images show an elaborately designed cookbook that contains around 30 "modern recipes with cat meat" and is intended to be "convincing in terms of both content and high-quality craftsmanship". In addition, the agency is launching a cross-media campaign to "encourage ambitious amateur cooks to pre-order". This also includes the landing page Cat - which finally brings the long-awaited resolution to this morbid campaign.

The whole thing is namely - or rather fortunately - nothing more than a publicity stunt. Rather, the agency wants to raise awareness of the issue from a different perspective: "We strongly condemn the fact that it is still allowed to eat your own cat in Switzerland," says Richi Brändli, owner of the agency. "The whole thing is a publicity stunt, the cookbook will of course never be realized. We initiated the campaign ourselves independently of NGOs or other clients." For the agency, he says, it's about attracting attention with creative advertising. At the same time, it wants to use the attention to do something good: The visitors:inside of the Website are motivated to donate for cats in emergency. For several years, Yes! Vier Pfoten, and also supports the organization Save The Children.

Responsible at YES! Creative Digital Marketing: Richi Brändli (Concept), Dominik Kurmann (Art Direction), Shirin Luchsinger (Development), Erina Dvorak (Digital Campaign Management), Mena Dressler (Text).

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