Hero Ravioli turns 75 - this was the first spot!

The canned ravioli brand is celebrating its anniversary with the poster campaign "Heiss gliebt sit 75 Johr". You can see the original commercial for the launch in the 1950s here.

75 years ago, Hero from Lenzburg in the canton of Aargau launched the "exquisite Italian delicacy", bringing convenience to Swiss cuisine. Ravioli owes its breakthrough in the 1950s to its simple preparation. Hero relied on original advertising measures to market the cans right from the start. Retailers, for example, were asked to build pyramids with the cans in their stores to attract consumers' attention. The launch was accompanied by the legendary four-minute commercial "Hurray, the groom is coming!

In the commercial, the protagonist Vreneli falls in love with Angelo during her vacation in Italy. Shortly afterwards, back in Switzerland, she introduces the Italian groom to her parents. Thanks to ravioli, the dinner was a complete success. Angelo felt at home in Italy with Vreneli's parents and his love for the bride grew. During this time, canned ravioli gained a firm foothold in Swiss cuisine and became a best-seller.

Frederic Haas, Managing Director Hero Switzerland, says: "True to our advertising DNA, we are celebrating the anniversary with a broad-based poster campaign "Heiss gliebt sit 75 Johr" in Switzerland." In 2022, Swiss people consumed around six million cans of ravioli.

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