Ogilvy for Ford: Baschi vs. the Petrolheads

To promote electric driving, Ford Switzerland is taking a different approach than usual: The brand is taking on real petrolheads with ambassador Baschi and the Mustang Mach-E GT.

One central message dominates the advertising market in the automotive industry: the future belongs to electric driving. Skeptics often fall by the wayside with their concerns. That's why Ford Switzerland has chosen a different path this time and invited real petrolheads as critics to talk to ambassador Baschi, who recently started driving an all-electric Mustang Mach-E GT - for an honest discussion with arguments instead of an unemotional list of product benefits.

The discussion between the two different parties was filmed in the Ford Mustang Mach-E GT and forms the central part of the content piece. The petrolheads were allowed to speak freely and did not have to mince their words. In the film, honest and uncensored opinions can be heard. In addition, the petrolheads' real petrol engines are shown, even though they are not Ford models. The end result is more civilized than one would think, but offers an entertaining verbal exchange. All three of Baschi's discussion partners are themselves part of the critical car enthusiast scene in Switzerland. However, they are not defamed as "car posers" by the media, but are called "petrolheads" in the film - as they call themselves.

Customized content for Switzerland

With Baschi and the Swiss Petrolheads, Ford Switzerland has also created a format that specifically addresses the local market. Even the beauty shots of the Mustang Mach-E GT were produced directly in Switzerland. The film can be seen immediately on 20 Minutes and Ford's owned channels. The film is being promoted with the help of snippets on social media and YouTube.

Responsible at Ford: Dominic Rossier (Manager Communications & Public Affairs); Patricia Dürst (Regional Marketing Coordinator). Responsible at Ogilvy: Gabriel Schuster (concept, art direction), Jehmsei Keo (concept, text), Dany Boletas, Konrad Dirksen (motion design), Bruce Roberts (executive creative director), Manuel Gölz, Maryna Meier (consulting), Christine Rainford, Jonathan Schipper (overall responsibility); responsible at Farbfilm: Max Carlo Kohal (director), Jonas Steinbacher (director of photography), Nicolas Bechtel (editor), Simon Hardegger (color grading), Yanik Zollinger, Flo Brunner (producer).

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