Maybaum Film, Trisa and the power of laughter

Around 100 years ago, 5000 Trisa toothbrushes per year were produced in Triengen, Lucerne. Today it is over one million per day. In the image film, Maybaum Film shows who is behind Trisa and why not every secret can be revealed.

To capture the diversity of Trisa, Maybaum Film accompanied the various departments and their employees on five days of filming with a three-person film crew. Conceptually, everything revolves around laughter. Because trust, joy and a good laugh are not only part of the brand promise, but also an essential component of the Trisa spirit.

"I like working in small teams and the spontaneity that can come from that," says Michel Alraun of Maybaum Film. "You can see that in the film, especially in the protagonists - all Trisa employees."

The image film is used in several languages nationally, but also internationally. It was therefore just as important to include topics such as technology, quality, competence and sustainability. Nevertheless, the values of the family business remain the central point in the film.

Responsible at Trisa: Anne-Kathrin Piper, Theres Arnold, Lukas Steiner. Responsible at Maybaum Film (idea, concept and production): Michel Alraun (director), Sara Maag (camera), Aline Pulver (technical), Sara Maag, Aline Pulver (editing), Tim Zumstein (sound design/mastering).

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