Inhalt und Form launches uncompromising campaign for Aldi Suisse

For the launch of its new image campaign, Aldi Suisse focuses on the topic of employers and lets a female consumer have her say who no longer wants to make compromises when shopping. The campaign was developed and implemented by the Zurich agency Inhalt und Form.

When it comes to buying their food, consumers in Switzerland no longer want to compromise. They are no longer satisfied with good quality at a reasonable price, but also demand fair treatment of employees and the environment.

Aldi Suisse wants to show that consumers with these needs are in good hands with the retailer. In the current campaign, consumers express their needs without mincing their words. The campaign starts with a consumer who has something to say about fair working conditions. Further needs of other consumers will follow throughout the year.

From now on, the consumer will have her say in the form of TV and online ads, billboards, DOOH, and social media and display ads throughout Switzerland.

Responsible at Aldi Suisse: David Biernath (Director Customer Interaction), Sarah Thalmann (Manager Customer Interaction);), Michèle Bürgi (Project Manager Customer Interaction). Responsible for content and form: Dominik Stibal (CEO), Karin Estermann (Executive Creative Director), David Hugentobler (Creative Director), Lukas Tauss (Senior Art Director), Caroline Minar (Junior Art Director), Yannick Lippuner (Musical Advisor), Manuela Marty (Head of Consulting/Strategist), Melanie Möckli (Project Manager). Film production: Soha Film, Maximilian Speidel (director), Julien Bourdeille (cinematographer), Rudi Haller (executive producer), Reto Trösch (set designer), Arianna Pianca (styling), B77 (music), Dennis Gnoni Visconti (editor), Das Alte Lager (VFX), Arthur Paux (grading), Jingle Jungle (sound studio). Photography: Micha Freutel (Photographer / Image Editing), Tina Aich Production AG (Producer), Jenny Tschugmell (Styling), Daniela Koller (Hair & Make Up).

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