Zur Rose and iundf - a "good feeling"

Interdisciplinary approach to the goal: Successful market entry of the online pharmacy Zur Rose in French-speaking Switzerland

The online pharmacy Zur Rose is well-known in German-speaking Switzerland. But in order to establish the company in French-speaking Switzerland as well, Zur Rose has decided to work with the interdisciplinary iundf agency group, which includes the technology consulting firm iundf Marketing Technology and the creative agency Inhalt und Form. The combination of marketing automation know-how as well as creation is expected to generate leads for Zur Rose in French-speaking Switzerland.

Together, a multi-channel approach was developed to reach the core target group in the best possible way both on and offline. Zur Rose was established in French-speaking Switzerland in October and November 2022 under the guiding principle "Your Swiss online pharmacy, for a good feeling". The systematic generation of leads and conversions was pursued in the awareness phase with a competition. People who signed up for the contest online or offline were further informed and incentivized about Zur Rose via nurturing or retargeting. The submission of a first standing prescription and the associated first order was accompanied by the receipt of a Migros voucher.

Swiss Post's brand appeal and multi-channel media offering were used for the campaign. The competition was promoted through Facebook and display ads and retargeting, postal mailings, postcards and PromoPost. In addition, advertising measures were taken directly in the Swiss Post branches in Lausanne and Bulle to engage directly with the target group so that they could get to know the brand and the offer and take part in the competition.

The measures taken have had an impact: The campaign generated more than 6 million contact points and the online pharmacy Zur Rose has now also arrived in French-speaking Switzerland.

Responsible at Zur Rose: Rahel Güttler (Head of Marketing B2C/B2B2C and Brand), Sabine Swigulski (Campaign and Content Marketing Manager) Responsible at iundf agency group: Content and Form: Dominik Stibal (CEO), Karin Estermann (Executive Creative Director), David Hugentobler (Creative Director), Manuel Schnoz (Art Direction), iundf Marketing Technology: Urs Blickenstorfer (CEO), Nina Limacher (Senior Consultant), Karma Gahler (Junior Consultant)

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