Numéro10: So Nuts Coffee against dull moments

Numéro10 has launched the current nationwide campaign for Camille Bloch. The bilingual agency positions "So Nuts Coffee" as a snack that gives a kick to overcome small slumps and dull moments in everyday life.

A boring review. A boring movie. A boring board game. A boring philosophy class. A boring family dinner. A boring instruction manual. A boring soccer game. There are numerous dull moments in everyday life. As an ambiguous parody of monotonous TV documentaries, Numéro10's campaign aims to impart knowledge that is not always useful, but often soporific.

The campaign follows a full-funnel approach in cooperation with Gamned! and leads the user through the different phases of the conversion funnel. In the OLV, the philosophy of the product "Coffee snack for boring moments" is presented. With a Snapchat Lens can interact with the brand in a playful way. Video content creators such as Kikomedy and Geocadiias were commissioned to appropriate the campaign on Instagram and TikTok.


"Whenever you need a hard nut to crack, So Nuts Coffee will help you. The coffee snack for long-lasting moments." Join us and enjoy a stay at Europa-Park and Rulantica. You can find more information at @sonuts_original #sonutscoffee

♬ Original sound - Kiko Medy


Qui a déjà passé un mauvais date ? So Nuts Coffee vous empêchera de bâiller et offre un séjour à Europa-Park et Rulantica. Pour plus d'info rdv sur @So Nuts #sonutscoffee

♬ son original - GEO CADIIAS 🥶

Users with the highest engagement are retargeted: they receive vouchers with which they can test the product in selected sales outlets.

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