MRB continues the "For the love of the village" campaign for Volg

MRB's new campaign for Volg promotes something that is not available in any Volg store and yet is appreciated by many: The informal conversation in between.

At Volg, people know each other. That's why you don't just buy what you need for everyday life in the village store, but also talk to each other. People discuss politics, debate traffic, philosophize about series, chat about new residents or simply talk about the weather. Volg is where village life takes place, and that's why people prefer to go to the store once in a while. At Volg, the focus is not simply on shopping, but on personal contact.

Where good conversations still belong is consequently also the main message of the six films and twenty subjects of the current campaign. They are intended to make it clear that Volg is more than just a store. The TV commercials tell short stories taken from the heart of village life. The subjects for posters, advertisements, social media ads, and banners are meant to stand out: Big product, big disruptor. Only for once, no price is mentioned in the disruptor. Instead, a short village story is used to activate the mental cinema.

These works by MRB form the basis for Volg's advertising measures in 2023 and will be seen in various forms in analog and digital channels as well as in Volg stores from February. Further campaign highlights will follow.

Responsible at Volg: Tamara Scheibli (Head of Communications/Advertising), Alina Dittli (Assistant Communications/Advertising). Responsible at Metzger Rottmann Bürge: Christoph Bürge (Strategy), Roman Steinacher, Sebastian Lorez, Silvan Metzger (Consulting), Carol Hämmig (Digital), Frederick Rossmann, Fabian Zahner, Martin Arnold, Tobias Bühlmann (Creation), Bruno Breitenmoser, Ursula Trottmann, Giacomo Wyss (Realization/Production); Film: Plan B Film GmbH, Chris Niemeyer (Director), HC Vogel and Jessica Sonderegger (Producers); Photography: Oliver Nanzig.

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