Migros promotion campaign by Wirz supports cultural associations

In 2023, Migros is once again supporting Switzerland's club life with a promotion. After sports last year, this time it's cultural associations. The campaign comes from Wirz.

Cultural associations are committed, inspire the imagination, offer many a homeFor Migros, good reasons to support them by collecting and allocating association vouchers.

This is what the films conceived by Wirz and produced by Stories with director Dominik Locher, which place the now well-known Migros cast in the club environment, are intended to convey. They tell - with a typical Migros wink - little episodes from the not always simple everyday life of the cultural associations. The unifying element of the comprehensive campaign with its numerous online and offline measures is the striking key visual with the call to collect for the clubs.

6 million francs in the pot

The public campaign is the tip of the iceberg of the complex promotion, the company says. In the run-up to the campaign, the company clarified the eligibility requirements, informed the clubs, activated them to participate, and provided them with documents to motivate them to mobilize their members. Then it was a matter of recording club wishes, confirming participation and getting the Migros branches on board. The final rating and the proportional allocation of the funding pot of 6 million Swiss francs also had to be well prepared. A lot of effort, which is worth it according to Migros project manager Laura Geerts: "EVereine are an essential part of Swiss culture and society. It fits perfectly with Migros' attitude and tradition to get involved here."

Responsible at the Federation of Migros Cooperatives: Sarah Schneider (Head of Promotions & Activation), Isabelle Stucki (Senior Project Manager Promotions & Activation), Laura Geerts (Project Manager Promotions & Activation), Delia Candolo (Junior Project Manager Promotions & Activation), Iris Kramer (Project Manager Digital Campaigning & Promotions), Giovanna Colucci (Senior Project Manager Umbrella Brand), Simone Blaser (Media). Responsible at Wirz Group: Lorenz Clormann, Thomas Kurzmeyer, Chantal Heimo, Mark Stahel, Zara Velchev, Nico Schläpfer, Andreas Szentkuti, David Offermann, Laura Schädler, Carolina Jimenez, Fabienne Hug, Ruwanie Hayoz, Giovanni Bucca, Yussef Serrat, Corinne Räber, Oliver Fäs, Rahel Signer. Responsible for Stories: Michèle Seligmann, Joel Scheidegger, Chenyi Guo (film production), Evelyn Steigbügel (edit), Dominik Locher (direction), Simon Bitterli (director of photography), Jingle Jungle (scoring). Responsible for Visualeyes International: Katrin Lohmann (Photo Agent), Lennart Ritscher (Photography), Harvest Digital Agriculture (Image Editing). Responsible for Media: Dynamo Team Dentsu International Switzerland.







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