Yes! launches BÜGA campaign for Invia

For the umbrella brand of public transport in Graubünden Invia, the Chur-based agency Yes! Creative Digital Marketing has launched a campaign. Once again, ÖV-Tina puts the advantages of public transport in the spotlight.

Invia is committed to a clever networking of all means of public transport in the canton of Graubünden and in the neighboring regions. Yes! wants to show that it is much smarter to travel by public transport, especially in winter. wants to show at the beginning of 2023 with the BÜGA campaign.

The current campaign is based on the "Commuter Duel" campaign from the summer of 2022 ( reported). Instead of the two twin sisters, the BÜGA campaign focuses only on ÖV-Tina. Tina is a convinced public transport rider and invites the target group to test the Grisons general season ticket BÜGA for one month at a special price. For this purpose, Yes! staged various scenarios from everyday commuter life; as in summer, the actress is the Grisons influencer @izzysilvia.

To give the winter campaign a more direct communicative touch, cutout-style stills were animated with quick cuts. The cross-media campaign is distributed via social media. In addition, it will be accompanied by radio spots, passenger TV spots, display and video ads, as well as a broad-based OOH and DOOH campaign. The campaign's main target group includes Graubünden residents who want to get to their destination smartly, quickly, cheaply and flexibly.

Responsible at Invia: Sabrina Meister (Product Manager Commuter Traffic and Tariff Networks, Rhätische Bahn AG), Ladina Schwarz (Sales, Market Management, Rhätische Bahn AG). Responsible at Yes! Creative Digital Marketing: Richi Brändli (Concept), Dominik Kurmann (Art Direction), Shirin Luchsinger (Project Management), Erina Dvorak (Campaign Management), Mena Dressler (Text).

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