"Deliver" campaign: Brack.ch continues to focus on the customer

As part of the "Delivers" umbrella campaign, Compresso and Zimmermann Communications continue to put the customer focus at the center of communications for Brack.ch.

On three colorful poster sujets and in various moving image formats for DOOH, web and TV sponsoring, the Swiss online retailer Brack.ch shows that it also supplies the right product for people with great hobbies and passions. Whether for convinced BBQ chefs in impressive outdoor kitchens, obvious lovers of avocados or gamers who not only live for the latest trends on Twitch and Co. but have long since developed a soft spot for good old 8-bit retro classics: Brack.ch positions itself as a company that supplies the right products for very different people in Switzerland.

Together with the artist collective "Golden Retriever", three colorful and entertaining worlds were created under the direction of Zimmermann Communications and Compresso. The OOH subjects and the associated films and TV billboards are intended on the one hand to show Brack.ch's impressive product diversity and depth of range, and also to convey the joy and excitement when the right product is delivered quickly and easily and unpacked at home.

The three OOH subjects and films can be seen in German and French-speaking Switzerland.


Responsible at Brack.ch: Simon Thoma (Head of Marketing), Sandrine Knechtli (Head of Marketing Communications), Olivier Pasche (Head of Marketing Creation). Distribution: Corina Räber (Head of Communications), Stefanie Zimmermann (Marketing Manager Communications), Viktoria Wörndl (Head of Social Media), Pierre Bohren (Head of Media), Claudia Schären (Marketing Manager Media). Responsible at Compresso: Fridolin Stauffacher (overall responsibility), Michelle Müller, Luisa Villiger (consulting/project management). Responsible at Zimmermann Communications: Rolf Zimmermann (Strategy/Art Buying), Christoff Strukamp (Creative Direction), Julia Hofmann (Art Direction), Lara Cavelti (Project Management). Production: VisualEyes (Natalija Fallocca, Nathalie Furrer), Photo/Film/Postproduction: Golden Retriever, Stockholm (Niklas Alm, Per Björklund, Philip Tolgén), Karin Frey (Styling Set).

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