Martini launches first AI-driven campaign

Martini is breaking new ground in advertising with its new ASMR-AI campaign "Unbottling Martini," which will be seen in Switzerland from January 31, 2023.

Artificial intelligence was used to create the new ASMR AI campaign "Unbottling Martini," which will be seen in Switzerland from January 31, 2023. A world first for a spirits brand, the new assets are a clear step toward the future, the company said. It relies on technology to convey the style for which the brand has now been known for 160 years. A total of three assets feature the products, each image created by inputting descriptive text into the AI platforms, using the information to create a unique visual interpretation of the Martini world.

KI Midjourney

The assets were created using visual AI Midjourney to create a completely unique interpretation of the Martini world, the first of its kind to be launched on the company's platforms. Midjourney is an AI program that generates visuals from text descriptions. By inputting descriptive text, the AI creates a completely unique image. To generate the assets, keywords such as: Botanicals, floral, blossoms, flowers, artemisia, and Roman chamomile entered into Midjourney.

Unbottling MARTINI assets are deployed on social and digital platforms in markets around the world.

Creative Director : João Paulo Testa. Social Creative Director: Kalle Everland. Board Account Director: Charlotte Oram. Senior Account Director: Patrick Bolton. Senior Account Manager: Georgia Phillips: Senior Producer. Michelle Walton: Designer. Andrea Casacci: Production company. Packshot Factory: Sound - Pitch & Sink:






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