Stilgraf sets the scene for an exhibition in the Stadthaus Zurich

Stilgraf designed and implemented the scenography and exhibition graphics for the current exhibition at the Stadthaus Zurich on the theme "Blind Spots - Zurich and Colonialism".

Colonialism was not an issue in Zurich for a long time. Today, it is clear that blind spots exist. The exhibition "Blind Spots: Zurich and Colonialism" aims to create a greater awareness of Zurich's colonial entanglements and also to show that colonialism has been present in the city for a long time and that it continues to have an impact today. All citizens of Zurich have been affected by it in one way or another.

The Exhibition in Zurich's Stadthaus was opened on Thursday by Mandy Abou Shoak, an expert on discrimination and racism-sensitive structures, and the city's mayor Corine Mauch in front of more than 400 guests. It will continue until mid-July.

Overall responsibility: City of Zurich Culture. Board of Trustees: Manda Beck & Andreas Zangger, in collaboration with Anja Glover (anti-racism expert). Scenography: Philipp Graf & Martin Stillhart (Stilgraf).

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