The Answer launches training campaign for Zurich City Hospital

The shortage of skilled workers in Switzerland affects almost all industries. In the healthcare sector, Zurich City Hospital is taking active steps to combat this and is investing in a campaign for its training positions. The campaign is designed and implemented by the Zurich agency Die Antwort.

It is no secret that there is a general shortage of skilled workers in Switzerland. And that something can be done about the shortage relatively quickly was already demonstrated last year by the Zurich City Hospital with its employer branding campaign "Taten statt Applaus". The current campaign now focuses on a medium- to long-term solution approach to address the lack of supply.

The answer is: training. An investment in potential new skilled workers. Especially in nursing staff. According to Zurich City Hospital, training positions are ultimately the most sustainable solution and therefore receive a great deal of attention.

Individualized training

The accompanying campaign comes from the Zurich agency Die Antwort. The message is inviting: "Choose your own future." Training at Zurich City Hospital does not consist of a rigid and inflexible curriculum, but of modules that allow a certain degree of flexibility and individuality.

For the key visuals, real pictures of trainees were taken and provided with colorful illustrations. The trainees are thus immersed in a future that they have imagined for themselves.

The campaign was realized with the agency's new video and photo unit. It has been running for a week and is mainly played out digitally and on social media.

Responsible at Stadtspital Zürich: Bettina Ambühl Rocca, Tobias Godet, Jessica Silva Vitorino, Claudia Reist, Sarah Gloor. Responsible agency: The answer.

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