expands the "Liefert" campaign

In three new spots from Compresso and Zimmermann Communications, the online retailer's customers see personal stories from employees.

The employees of the online store are enthusiastic and passionate about their job. The new campaign now aims to convey this message to customers. The idea: Brack not only delivers quickly and easily, but also strives for a relationship with its customers that focuses on their complete satisfaction. Thus, the dealer proposes within the Delivery campaign the next chapter.

Compresso and Zimmermann Communications have therefore designed three new spots that aim to show just that. In personal stories, viewers take a look behind the scenes of the Swiss online retailer. Whether in logistics or in the office - they are not only told that Brack delivers numerous products, but also who is responsible for the multiple customer service and delivery.


Responsible at Simon Thoma (Head of Marketing), Sandrine Knechtli (Head of Marketing Communications), Olivier Pasche (Head of Marketing Creation). Responsible at Compresso: Fridolin Stauffacher (overall responsibility), Michelle Müller (consulting/project management), Luisa Villiger (consulting/project management). Responsible at Zimmermann Communications: Rolf Zimmermann (Strategy/TV Producing), Christoff Strukamp (Creative Direction), Julia Hofmann (Art Direction), Lara Cavelti (Project Management). Film production: Markenfilm Schweiz AG, Director: Simon Nagel, Camera: Simon Drescher, Art Department: Atelier Lomann. Distribution: Corina Räber (Head of Communications), Stefanie Zimmermann (Marketing Manager Communications), Viktoria Wörndl (Head of Social Media), Pierre Bohren (Head of Media), Claudia Schären (Marketing Manager Media).

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