BKW campaign for more sustainability in snow sports

Switzerland is a skiing nation. As the official sustainability partner of Swiss-Ski, BKW is taking concrete measures to ensure that traditional winter sports leave a smaller, ecological footprint.

The new snowsports campaign strikingly illustrates the common endeavor: In the TV spot, Swiss Ski athlete Lara Gut-Behrami skis through the deep snow of the Swiss Alps without leaving any tracks behind - in stark contrast to the wolf watching her. The surprising effect visualizes that the alpine habitat for native animals and plants only remains intact if the impact of humans is kept to a minimum.

In harmony with nature

BKW is committed to the balance of the Alpine ecosystem with innovative solutions. For example, World Cup organizers can use a sustainability tool to analyze their consumption of CO2, energy, water and mobility and optimize it together with BKW. In Einsiedeln, energy-saving lighting systems were installed for the ski jumps, a pioneering energy concept was set up in the biathlon arena on Lenzerheide, and energy-efficient snow-making systems were installed on the Betelberg, in Simmental and in the Silvretta Arena. With the "Snowstainability" sustainability fund, BKW, together with Swiss-Ski, is also making additional funds available for further sustainable ideas and measures in snow sports.

The new BKW sponsorship campaign was conceived and implemented by Creative Collective insighters around the two creative directors Andy Lusti and Susen Gehle. In close cooperation with the film and photo production POLARWIND and director Fabian Weber as well as the BKW communication team of Martin Schweikert and Michael Morgenthaler.

Responsible at BKW: Martin Schweikert (Head of Group Communications), Michael Morgenthaler (Head of Brand Experience, Partnerships & Campaigns), Ursina Scheuber (Senior Project Manager Live Experience & Campaigns), Stefanie Uwer (Senior Communications Manager Live Experiences & Campaigns), Sandy Lanz (Senior Project Manager Live Experience & Campaigns), Carolina Matthys (Communication Manager), Michael Blum (Social Media Manager). Responsible at insighters: Andy Lusti (creative direction, concept, text), Susen Gehle (creative direction, concept, text), Lukas Wietlisbach (art direction, concept, graphics), Lisa Steger (consulting), Amina Elmallawany (desktop publishing). Responsible at POLARWIND: Fabian Weber (Executive Producer, Director, DoP, Photography), Gian-Andrea Albin (Line Producer), Arnold Bucher (1st AD), Thomas Hrabovsky (1st AC), Simon Wyss (OB), Alexandre Coquoz (FPV), Anita Ziegler (Animal Trainer), Oliver Don (Edit), Pulk / Pascal Schelbli (Compositing), Pablo Nouvelle (Music), Denis Elmaci (SoundDesign), Unsere Farben / Jürgen Kupka (Grading), AschmannKlauser (Image Editing), Detail AG (Litho). Responsible at Mediatonic: Max Stürzekarn (digital planning), David Hösli (offline planning).

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