In Flagranti: How eBill is to get even more users

A new campaign by in Flagranti for Post Finance and Six focuses on everyday situations where digital invoices would make things easier.

More and more invoices are being sent digitally, rather than on paper. With the digital invoice eBill from Post Finance, invoices end up directly in e-finance or in the Post Finance app. Per year, already 50 million invoices sent via the digital solution, but more are to come. To this end, there is now a new campaign by in Flagranti on behalf of Post Finance and Six.

The central theme "eBill is better" is intended to attract new users and encourage those already registered to add new billers. Three commercials focus on the advantages of eBill in various everyday situations. The message: Paying bills paperlessly is sustainable, fast and secure. The campaign is being played out in around 30 different display and social media ad formats.



The campaigns also aim to get inactive e-Bill users to add new billers and thus receive more bills directly in e-finance. To this end, in Flagranti and Post Finance have adopted a customer journey approach: A complex message setting thus motivates the different target groups in a targeted manner via e-mail, app or/and directly in e-finance.

Responsible for the concept and implementation of the campaign is in flagranti communication. The videos were produced in collaboration with Crunch. Webrepublic is responsible for the digital control.


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