To Veganuary: Planted launches Europe-wide campaign

"This Veganuary, check the ingredients." That's the claim of Planted's new campaign, which is all about communicating how few additives there are.

On the occasion of Veganuary, Planted presents the "Check the Ingredients" campaign. The Swiss foodtech startup, known for its plant-based meat, encourages people to take a closer look at the ingredient list of plant-based foods. That's because some plant-based meat alternatives contain ingredients from printer ink or shampoo. The campaign thus focuses on the health of consumers. Planted uses only selected natural ingredients - without any additives. The campaign is visible on billboards and social media in Switzerland and is flanked by cooperations with content creators.

Veganuary inspires people around the globe to eat vegan for the sake of the environment and animals in January and beyond. With a pan-European Veganuary campaign, Planted encourages consumers to look at the ingredient list, in addition to the
environment to also pay attention to their own health. The motto: "Check the ingredients". Methyl cellulose, maltodextrin, emulsifiers such as sunflower lecithin, tertiary butyl hydroquinone, dextrose, calcium hydroxide and modified food starch are just some of the ingredients found in some plant-based meat alternatives. These ingredients are also used in printer ink or shampoos. So one campaign claim is, "A good ingredient list is like a good wedding speech: short."OOH and social media

In Switzerland, the Veganuary campaign "Check the Ingredients" is visible on posters (DOOH and OOH) and social media and is flanked by collaborations with content creators. The centerpiece is a mega poster in Bern. Just in time for Veganuary, Planted is also launching the planted.chicken patty. The product novelty inspires as a chicken patty in one piece with a particularly fibrous texture, a juiciness as well as only natural ingredients and is available immediately at "Union Diner" in Zurich and Basel. Further, Planted is partnering with Just Eat to expand the range of plant-based dishes on the platform during January and make it easier to consume plant-based dishes.

Planted manufactures all products in its own glasshouse production facility in Kemptthal - open to the public. Only selected natural ingredients are used: Peas, sunflowers and oats with the addition of water, rapeseed oil and vitamin B12.


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