New Griesser spot: Saving energy with a little helper

Saving energy is the focus of the new commercial from sun protection expert Griesser. And because it's all about saving, everything revolves around a (savings) pig.

The climate crisis and the drastic increase in energy prices are forcing the topics of ecological sustainability and economic rethinking. The more energy is saved, the better it is for the environment, the climate and one's own budget. Sustainable saving tips are more in demand than ever. The video clip conceived and realized by Griesser together with the film production company "" shows how automated sun protection from Griesser can kill three birds with one stone: Saving energy costs, reducing the CO2 footprint and increasing living comfort.

The emotional hook is Eddie, the minipig, who stood in front of the camera for the first time for the Griesser clip. His buddy "Miracoli" also accompanied him on the film set. The well-being of the two animals was taken care of by the experienced animal trainers, who did not leave their charges' side on the set. "A piggy bank stands as a symbol for saving costs and energy. So a pet pig stands for saving energy on the building" explains Jacqueline Rose, Head of Marketing Griesser. "Minipigs are sensitive creatures that react strongly to outside influences such as temperatures, because they can't sweat on hot days or need the warmth in cold temperatures. Eddie, the bearer of our message, clearly conveys that he's super comfortable." The campaign launches January 11 on YouTube and social media.

Responsible at Griesser: Jacqueline Rose, Head of Marketing, Sabine Szabo, Brand Coach, Christiane Bernhart, Project Management, Franziska Krebs, Social Media. Creation & Concept: Majid Katzer, Radolfzell. Film and composing:, Munich. Media planning: Konnex Agentur für Medien-Kommunikation, Winterthur.

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