The answer: New employer branding campaign for the Zurich City Police Department

The Zurich City Police is currently launching its new employer branding campaign. An action-packed campaign that encourages lateral entrants to the police profession. The campaign was created by the Zurich-based creative agency Die Antwort AG.

The Swiss police corps are not excluded from the shortage of qualified personnel. The third largest police force in Switzerland - the Zurich City Police - has recently launched a campaign to recruit new police officers. The Zurich Municipal Police is targeting people from various professions and encouraging them to join the force.


At the heart of the campaign is an independent concept with exaggerated but real images. The elaborate shootings with the well-known photographer Hanspeter Schneider were not realized with models, but with real police officers and took place all over the city of Zurich: The subjects show a gardener, an accountant, a cook and a bicycle courier on duty with the police. Still in their old work clothes, but already with their future colleagues.

The headline concept is also appropriately chosen, as the play with "today" and "tomorrow" can be adapted for extensions of the concept. For example, when the employees of the Zurich City Police are themselves motivated to recruit new employees: "Brother today. Tomorrow also a policeman."

In this way, the concept can be applied in many ways and is used for the recruitment of police trainees as well as for the areas of PAD (police assistance service), KRV (control of stationary traffic) and the consular protection assistance service.

The main target group for the campaign is women and men between the ages of 20 and 39, with Swiss nationality and a completed vocational training. The campaign will be played out both digitally and analogously.

Responsible at the Zurich City Police: Daniela Brunner (Head of Communications), Peter Sahli (Chief Deputy Information and Campaigns). Agency: The answer AG. Photographer: Hanspeter Schneider.

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