Bodin Consulting: Getting to know each other by "zoom

Wojciech Szczpaniak is considered one of Poland's most successful entrepreneurs - but he lives mainly in Switzerland and has built up a luxurious rehabilitation clinic here, among other things. Bodin Consulting now ensures that interested parties can get closer to the entrepreneur via "Zoom".

Wojciech Szczpaniak is regarded in business circles as one of Poland's most successful entrepreneurs at present. In Switzerland, he has made a name for himself in particular with Küsnacht Practice AG, one of the most luxurious rehabilitation centers in the world. With his Sparrowland Capital AG, a Swiss investment company, he provides private equity to entrepreneurs and currently has over 20 projects in his portfolio.

In addition, Wojciech Szczepaniak is a renowned lawyer: he is the founder, co-owner and chairman of SSW Pragmatic Solutions, Poland's leading financial services, audit, wealth and estate planning firm. He founded the firm in 2006 with two other lawyers; today the firm employs hundreds of people and advises multinational market leaders on major transactions in Poland and the CEE region.

Personal branding that works globally

But what the entrepreneur - despite all his success - has been missing so far: a close, globally functioning branding. Bodin Consulting is now responsible for this. In a statement, the boutique consultancy says: "Because the name Wojciech Szczpaniak - especially its correct spelling - can be a challenge, Bodin Consulting has turned its acronym 'WSZ' into the new brand. And with the digital business card the agency now also gives potential business partners the opportunity to learn more about Wojciech Szczpaniak. This has created an authentic, charming, modern portrait of the entrepreneur. His entrepreneurial successes are only a side note; the focus is on his values, his drive, his passion."

"Getting closer" taken literally

Bodin Consulting took the idea of getting closer to the entrepreneur via a website literally: Together with Station AG, they created a digital presence - based on a portrait by photographer Oliver Rust - consisting of a single image, short texts and an audio file. "Basically," the release continues, "we're talking about a single 'zoom,' with which it's up to you to zoom in closer and closer, learning more and more about the entrepreneur and person Wojciech Szczpaniak."

Client: Wojciech Szczpaniak. Agency: Web agency: Station AG (Jennifer Bolz, Patman, Michael Mc Grath, Patrick Stoll). Photography: Oliver Rust (KO Photography), VisualEyes.

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