Campaign: "The World Cup goes into overtime".

The human rights violations during the realization of the World Cup in Qatar are well known. Bodin Consulting supports with the campaign the reportage of a photographer who visited the bereaved families of the victims in India.

The human rights violations during the staging of the World Cup in Qatar are well known. But not what this means for the surviving dependents of the more than 6,500 deceased guest workers. The photographer Joseph Khakshouri has captured this in a reportage. He managed to spot widows and victims in India and visited them. He sent the resulting pictures and films to Frank Bodin, who agreed with his agency to create a campaign in the wake of the World Cup. 

In this campaign, the focus is not so much on the regime in Qatar, but on FIFA. Frank Bodin says: "The aim is to increase public and political pressure on FIFA. Despite all our enthusiasm for football, we Swiss should not be indifferent to the issue. After all, FIFA is based in Switzerland and its president is Swiss. FIFA is at the beginning of the scandal with the award to Qatar. Even with the ousting of Sepp Blatter, FIFA has not managed to put a stop to corruption in its own ranks, to stand by fundamental values and to enforce them. Fair play applies not only to the game of football itself, but also to the event."

The campaign was deliberately launched after the World Cup at the end of the year. "Football cannot be held responsible for the misery and the joy of it has already been clouded enough with negative headlines. It is now a matter of forcing FIFA to face consequences. The modern game of football and the first football clubs originated in England. Football is no longer a European game, but Fifa is based in Europe and it's not acceptable that liberal values are trampled on from here and FIFA and its president can simply carry on as before while we look the other way."

The campaign idea is as simple as it is impressive: the soccer picture collecting fun gets stuck in your throat - instead of soccer stars of the participating nations, the bereaved are shown; plus the headline: "6,500 dead guest workers pile up at FIFA, but its president won't stop."

The campaign can be seen on APG digital posters in Swiss cities and on social media. It was accomplished with minimal financial resources, but all the more heart and soul. "Frank Bodin would like to thank all those involved, especially photographer Joseph Khakshouri, art director Chris Burkhard, photo editor Lorenz Wahl and producer David Kobelt.


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