JvM Limmat and Ovaltine with the "Chiefs of Mach-dein-Ding

Ovaltine has gone in search of the "Chiefs of Mach-dein-Ding". And found four. They were supported for a year in the pursuit of their passion - and accompanied by Jung von Matt Limmat on Ovaltine's social channels.

Just over a year ago, four young personalities with special hobbies were chosen as Ovaltine's "Chiefs of Mach-dein-Ding" and henceforth supported in turning their hobbies into a profession - regardless of what others think of them. For this purpose, the four were employed by Ovomaltine at Wander AG as of February 2022 at 20% - with the sole "obligation" to continue practicing their favorite hobby. This should ultimately bring them closer to their big goal of turning their passion into a profession.

One year later

Cheffe de Couture Mathilde, whose great passion is sewing specially created clothing collections, set up her own pop-up store for the first time. Chief of Pumpfoil Balz pumped with a specially newly developed sail in a single day across all 3 lakes of Seeland. That's about 60 kilometers of pure effort. The man from Bern himself can't quite believe what he has achieved: "It's still beyond my imagination."

Chief of Jump with Attitude Samy also came closer to his big goal of opening a rope jumping school: thanks to the support of Jung von Matt Limmat and Ovomaltine, he was able to hold his own workshops for the first time and get children and young people excited about the sport of rope jumping. And speaking of enthusiasm, Chief of Storytelling Raphael created a graphic novel for which he not only had to write the story, but also illustrate all the comics by hand. And "even though the graphic novel isn't quite finished yet, I'm continuing with it," Raphael says after completing his time as "Chief of Do-your-thing."

The Chiefs' entire journey, from envisioning their goals to the implementation process to the conclusion, was documented in diary-like formats on social media.







Together with Jung von Matt Limmat and Ovaltine, the Chiefs presented their "Journey" on Instagram and TikTok, inspiring the Ovo community to believe in themselves and make dreams come true. "You Ovo Rock" is what one user wrote under Mathilde's video and "Starki Leistig!" is what another user said about Balz's success.

In the fall we continue

Although the employment of the Chiefs is drawing to a close, the project is not yet over for Ovaltine. We don't know yet whether we'll start with four Chiefs again, but we're sure to have one or two," says Christof Stulz, Marketing Manager at Wander AG.

Responsible at Ovomaltine Eva Hauck (Junior Brand Manager), Simon Schiess (Senior Brand Manager), Christof Stulz (Marketing Manager) Responsible at Jung von Matt Limmat Lara Zehnder (Social Creative), Philipp Klink (Text), Cédric Knapp (Social Account Manage- ment), Adam Keel (Video Production) Responsible at Jung von Matt Impact Gabriela Oetliker (Digital Marketing Manager)


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