How Migros and Webstages fooled energy drink fans

The energy drink M-Budget has a new design. To announce this, Webstages and Migros spread the rumor on social networks that the drink would be taken off the shelf.

The well-known Migros energy drink M-Budget tastes the same as always, but now looks different. To let the fans know, the launch of the new design was announced in an extensive social media campaign, accompanied by the influencer marketing agency Webstages. Creators created 30 posts and 3 streams on Instagram, Tiktok and Twitch, which were shared with an audience of more than 6 million fans.

New Look. Same Taste

For the launch of the campaign, a conversation was staged between Migros employees who were talking about the M-Budget energy drink being taken off the shelf. The whole thing was "accidentally" captured, commented and published by influencer @alessia.w. The shoot took place in collaboration with the True Story agency at the Limmatplatz branch. Various creators then took Alessia's rumored video and create their own video for their channel using "stitch" or "duet." In it, they shared their reactions to the rumor with their own community. To further fuel the rumor mill, @arturitodiepls, who regularly creates content for M-Budget, posted a screenshot of a conversation between her and Migros. In it, the influencer confronted Migros about the rumor. In response, Migros - privy to the campaign - claimed it could not comment on the matter. Migros' non-answer caused chaos for fans of the energy drink.

In the second phase, Migros published their own videos on their channels around the energy drink. However, they still did not comment on the rumor. After the confusion, the resolution came in the third wave: The energy drink remains on the shelf, but gets a modern new design. For this, the existing creators from the first wave were joined by other different creators on Tiktok, Instagram and Twitch. All of them conveyed the message "New Design, Same Taste" in their own authentic style. The result was a colorful range of contributions: from comedy and vlogs to fashion and sports videos.

Responsible at Webstages: Kerry Stieger (overall responsibility), Tanja Herrmann (strategy). Responsible at Migros: Marc Zurbrügg (Brand Manager, overall responsibility), Franziska Coninx (Head of Department Strategic Own Brands), Sharuch Shabbir (Social Media Manager). Responsible at True Story: Norbert Rieger, Lukas Horst, Elie Kerbage. Responsible at Web Republic: Shelby Thomson. Responsible for video production: True Story in cooperation with Marco Egger, Milo Ruder, Sven Probst, Luca Steiner.

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