Agency at the airport brings light into the darkness

The smart lamp "Nobi" is designed to give people in need of care more security. The airport agency has now launched a campaign for the provider Störi Licht.

The Age-Tech solution "Nobi" for detecting and preventing falls in people in need of care is now being offered exclusively by Störi Licht in Switzerland. Nobi offers a smart solution to a significant global problem: one in three people over the age of 65 falls at least once a year, a large proportion of which end in serious injury. The smart lamp immediately detects when a resident of a care facility falls and independently asks what the condition is. In an emergency, the system automatically informs caregivers or relatives. In this way, Nobi relieves the burden on nursing staff and frees up time for respectful, empathetic care.

To raise awareness of Nobi among care professionals and managers in Switzerland, the St. Gallen-based agency designed and implemented a B2B launch campaign for Störi Licht at the airport. This included analog and digital mailings, a microsite, inserts and PR. The idea behind the mailings: recipients can make a small lantern out of the paper - for light in the dark.

Responsible at Störi Licht: Peter Schwarber (CEO). Responsible at Agentur am Flughafen, St. Gallen: René Eugster (overall responsibility), Max Eugster (consulting), Ketil Eggum (art direction), Elia Vogt (graphics), Michael Lindenmann (copywriting/PR), Colin Kühnis (interactive media design), Candice Thoma (project management), Flightcode (programming).


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