Wirz woos talent in Berlin with poster trailer

The Zurich-based Wirz agency is desperately seeking new creative talent. That's why a mobile poster trailer will be parked in front of the big advertising agencies in Berlin in the next few days to draw talented people's attention to the attractive job opportunities in Switzerland.

The shortage of skilled workers is also affecting the Swiss creative industry. The search for talented employees is difficult, confirms Executive Creative Director and Wirz partner Caspar Heuss, who is responsible for the campaign: "We know the Zurich and Swiss creatives. Many good minds already work for us. But we need a young, fresh look."

It was against this background that Wirz came up with the idea for this special recruiting campaign: The poster with the slogan "Nothing against Berlin. But you don't seriously want to grow old here, do you?", will be touring the German capital for a week and will be parked in front of the biggest local advertising agencies for a day at a time.

The headline is meant to make you think: Maybe a job in Zurich is at least as good as Berlin, at least for a while? Or maybe someone would like to stay in the city on Lake Zurich for the rest of their life?

On the associated landing page, interested parties can find information about the city of Zurich and also about the advantages of working for Wirz. Those who are convinced can apply directly for a vacancy using the contact form.

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