I'm so tired, my tired is tired: Lumina Health for Zeller

Lumina Health has launched an awareness campaign for Max Zeller Söhne's Ginsana product that focuses not on the active ingredient, but on everyday familiar fatigue conditions.

The company Max Zeller Söhne is engaged in the development and production of herbal medicines. The herbal medicine Ginsana, which is available without prescription, can be used for physical and mental performance enhancement. This is still too little known among health professionals as well as younger customers.

In order to communicate awareness of the product and its effects more effectively and to position itself more strongly in the market, also among younger target groups, Zeller wants to promote the drug with the differentiated campaign "I'm so tired my tired is tired" advertise. Instead of just promoting the active ingredient, the campaign turns the perspective around and humorously shows, in meme style, various states of exhaustion familiar to everyone.

The campaign uses dynamic display ads, social media and a landing page. The new look is young, fresh and dynamic with a visual reference to the classic Zeller corporate identity. Post-production effects transform the static subjects into dynamic videos to attract additional attention.

Responsible at Zeller: Kathrin Borner, Sarah Bussenius. Responsible at Lumina Health (strategy, creation and production): Tarja Zingg, Debi Balmer, Lena Rauh. Media Planning: Nina Rolle, JBW Media.

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