Cover Media promotes this year's Jumbo Christmas Market

At the Jumbo Christmas Market, you can find everything you need for a festive glow at home. This is the message conveyed by Cover Media's latest TV commercial for Jumbo.

What was still advertised as Coop Bau+Hobby last year for the Advent season now operates at all locations - plus the "old" Jumbo locations - using only the blue Jumbo elephant. Naturally, Jumbo's expanded product range was to be shown off to its full advantage in the run-up to Christmas. Cover Media therefore implemented TV commercials for the DIY store, which has been part of the Coop cooperative since 2021.

The campaign is intended to convey that everything that makes a Christmas and the pre-Christmas season shine is available at Jumbo. With augmented reality, from the comfort of the sofa, the tree can be placed in the room as desired, which should answer the question of size and placement of the tree easier.

The campaign is used on TV and online.

Responsible at Jumbo: Zorica Jurkovic, Cecile Imhof. Responsible at Cover Media: Stefan Sommerhalder (Production), Michel Zürcher (Consulting), Baschi Thommen (DOP), Cécile Grieder (Production Design), Lars Wagener (Construction Stage), Manuel Freivogel (Set-AL), Oliver Muff (OB), Michelle Münch (Hair&Makeup), Bianca Kury (Script/Continuity), Roman Schnell (Motion Design), Rainer Ammann (Music Composition), Angelina Belintani & Atelier229 (Casting). Cast: Miya, Serap Müller, Andreas Daniel Müller. Voices: Andalus, Nicolas, Marco.

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