TrueStory and M-Budget: fresh look for the energy drinks

As part of a large-scale, national awareness campaign for M-Budget, TrueStory conceived and realized the campaign for the redesign of M-Budget energy drinks. The main message: Fresh look, same taste.

M-Budget energy drinks are especially popular with Gen Z. This target group was therefore also the focus of TrueStory's awareness campaign. The measures were designed for the platforms TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat including Lens, Twitch, YouTube and Pinterest.

In a "teaser phase", influencers announced in several videos that the M-Budget energy drink would soon no longer be available in its familiar form. They were unable to reveal more, however, because they were prevented from doing so in various ways at the decisive moment. This, in conjunction with a preceding TikTok seeding campaign, was supposed to lead to speculation in the social media community - which, according to the agency, it did.

In the "Reveal Phase", the claim "Fresh look, same taste" finally resolved that the Energys are now available in a fresh design, but that nothing has changed in terms of taste. For this, TrueStory realized three videos in which the message was visualized in a channel-appropriate way for each social media platform. In addition, there was another video in the Migros industrial look, which transported the re-design process with a wink.

The ongoing campaign was rounded off with street survey videosshowing target group reactions to the new design. More than 25 influencers and creators on TikTok and Instagram were also used as partners. In order to establish the energy drink "Zero Sugar" among a broader customer base, distribution promotions were launched at ten national train stations.

Responsible at Migros: Marc Zurbrügg (Brand Manager, overall responsibility), Franziska Coninx (Head of Department Strategic Own Brands), Katharina Müller (Head of Brand Management), Sharuch Shabbir (Social Media Manager), Patrick Blum (Project Manager Digital Media). Responsible at TrueStory: Norbert Rieger (project management), Norbert Rieger, Lukas Horst, Elie Kerbage (creation). Responsible at WebStages: Tanja Hermann, Kerry Stieger. Responsible at Webrepublic: Shelby Thompson. Responsible at Dentsu: Marc von Büren. Video production: TrueStory; Marco Egger, Milo Ruder (both Kinamo); Sven Probst, Luca Steiner.

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