Raclette Suisse accompanies the Nati with dynamic messages

Raclette Suisse is launching an extensive media campaign during the 2022 World Cup. In it, long-time Raclette Suisse brand ambassador Trauffer is busy cheering along.

The campaign is aimed at people who enjoy spending time together, who appreciate the high quality of Swiss products, who like to eat together, and who are rooting for the Swiss national team. The passion for sports is at the forefront.

With DOOH, Online, ViewThe large-scale campaign features a broad media mix, including live ticker, social media, and TV. The aim is to reach the target group with the right message at the right time and in the right place.

The advertising campaign optimally coordinates the DOOH presence with the activities at the point of sale. It is shown at selected POS stores, adapted to the availability of the products in the store. DOOH wraps the presence during the match days of the Swiss national team. The message is played at gas pumps, Migrolino convenience locations and on city screens at the entrance. In this way, Livesystems wants to pick up the visitors in a holistic way during their purchase at the gas station.

Match outcome determines the message

Targeted planning also requires a keen sense of visualization. Testimonial Trauffer adorns the advertising material. Raclette Suisse works across all media with customized messages around the Swiss national team's match: Individual messages are used before the match, on match day and afterwards.

"The Raclette Suisse campaign requires a high degree of flexibility as well as forward planning," explains Alessandro Giuliano, managing director at Ceres Media. "With dynamic messages, we react to the game action and can thus specifically pick up the potential consumer at the 'moment of truth'."

A performance of around 16 million gross contacts is planned for the entire DOOH campaign. The end of the communication measure is currently still open: On Friday, Switzerland will play against Serbia. Should Switzerland advance, the charming subjects will continue to be seen.

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