Spina's Civil Voices and Solidar Suisse challenge the 300 richest people

After last year's "Stop Black Friday", Solidar Suisse's current slogan is: "Challenge the super-rich". The digital awareness and fundraising campaign of Spina's Civil Voices has its peak at the same time as the publication of the Bilanz special issue "The 300 richest".

The 300 richest people in Switzerland own on average 20,000 times more wealth than the majority of the population. Inequality is even more extreme in relation to the roughly three billion people who live on less than a nickel a day. And poverty is on the rise again due to covid, war and inflation. The bottom line: unfair.

"Challenge the super-rich" invites the population to show the richest people how solidarity works: with a small donation to Solidar Suisse, which a super-rich person - according to the challenge - should exceed at least 20,000 times.

Magdalena Martullo-Blocher would therefore have to donate at least 100,000 francs from her billion-dollar fortune to match a five-franc donation from the population. Whether she does so remains to be seen.

The campaign centers on a challenging video. This is accompanied by social media ads, YouTube bumpers and an email journey. Further campaigns are planned. All measures lead to the Landing page, where hundreds of people have already made their challenge donation in the first week of the campaign.

Solidar Suisse raises awareness of extreme inequality worldwide with its campaigns. In more than 60 projects, the Swiss development organization campaigns for a fair distribution of income, assets and opportunities worldwide. The strategic groundwork and creative implementation of the campaign come from Spina's Civil Voices.

Responsible at Solidar Suisse: Benjamin Gross (Head of Marketing and Communications), Susanne Rudolf (Campaigns), Sylvie Kipfer (Communications and Media French-speaking Switzerland), Melanie Wirz (Communications and Media German-speaking Switzerland), Pascal Krucker (Digital Fundraising), Christian von Allmen (Digital Fundraising). Responsible at Spina's Civil Voices: Lorenz Spinas (CD), Nicolas Stark (AD/concept), Beat Egger (text/concept), Gaby Füchslin and Lorenz Spinas (strategy), Andrea Oertle (consulting), Eric Schwegler (SoMe application). Sound: Hastings Zurich. Landing page and application SEA/Google/YouTube: Getunik.

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