Partner & Partner is looking for the Buildigooooal of the year

Together with Partner & Partner, Mobiliar Buildigo's craftsmen's network has launched a campaign to generate viral attention with a competition and enable a regional football club to achieve the dream of a clubhouse renovation.

The World Cup in Qatar has been underway for a few days. Some are following it excitedly, others are boycotting Fifa for it. And still others don't care, because their heart beats for team sports all year round. Buildigo is dedicating a special campaign to them: the small soccer clubs in the region.

Like so many ideas, this campaign design is born out of everyday life. Having children who play in soccer clubs also means being stuck in WhatsApp chats that revolve around training, tournaments and match days: "Who packed Lara her Töggelischueh? Who can drive the boys to the meadow at midweek? What do you cook on sunny days?"

But some issues that small, regional soccer clubs face can't be resolved with a short message. For example, some teams meet week after week in a clubhouse that really deserves more than a red card. However, there is usually not enough money for a thorough renovation. Buildigo wants to make one of these numerous, damaged clubhouses fit again with a campaign.

Until the end of the 22/23 season next summer, soccer clubs have time to "Buildigooooal" goal of the year to send in. Each football club is allowed to upload one or more videos of a goal to the campaign website, which must then be diligently voted for. The ten most gripping, ingenious or surprising goals will finally be scrutinized by a jury of experts and one of them will be chosen as the "Buildigooooal Goal of the Year". The corresponding team will receive a clubhouse renovation worth 25,000 Swiss francs.

Buildigo, in collaboration with Partner & Partner, has thus set itself the goal of not only going as viral as possible with a campaign, but also combining it with a good deed.

Responsible at Buildigo: Michael Hügli (idea/concept), Carole Schmutz (social media). Responsible at Partner & Partner: Benno Maggi (idea/concept & consulting), Tiziana Mascolo (project management), Adsaya Asokar (project management), Dilan Maden (project management), Jürg Waeber (text), Tim Portner (responsibility competition website), Franziska Meier (responsibility competition website), Nina Diem (UI/UX website), Sabina Pop (design).

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