Wirz lets children create the Migros Christmas campaign 2022

This year's Migros Christmas campaign was penned by children. They designed the film script, drew poster subjects and the tote bag. The kids were supported by the lead agency Wirz.

The best Christmas is when you're a child. For the little ones, the whole Advent season is pure magic. With this year's campaign, designed by Wirz, Migros also wants to remind adults how wonderful and carefree the Christmas season can be. You just have to look at it through the eyes of children. To achieve this, all campaign content was developed by children.

The script for the TV commercial, for example, was written in a two-day workshop with a group of children between the ages of 4 and 11. The result is a wonderfully crazy Christmas fairy tale about a dear ghost, which was filmed exactly as the children had thought it up. Right down to the smallest detail: For example, even the appearance of the monster was determined by children.

In terms of tone, the film is a marked departure from the bittersweet, emotional Christmas stories the retailer has released in previous years. How did it come about? "The last few months were mainly characterized by negative news: for example, the tense economic situation, the energy crisis and, last but not least, the war in Ukraine. That's why we at Migros wanted to bring a little more lightness back into the Christmas season this year," says Michel Noverraz, Senior Project Manager Campaigning at Migros, explaining the background.

Walking loaves of bread, yellow-green monsters and conjured-up brains: Weren't they afraid of overwhelming people with so much childlike fantasy? "We quickly came to the conclusion that we could only do justice to the idea if we remained consistent and implemented the story exactly as it was told by the children," says Lorenz Clormann, Executive Creative Director at Wirz.

What becomes immediately clear with all the crazy ideas: Those who let themselves be enchanted and inspired by children experience a feast full of wonder. "We're proud to have worked with the children to create a light-footed, caper-turning ode to the imagination that doesn't try to press the tear gland, but inspires us not to always take everything so seriously," adds Wirz Creative Director Jan Kempter. And what do the children say about their film? "I think it's good," four-year-old Flavio, inventor of the running bread, is quoted as saying.

Accompanying the main film, the making-of video is also used as a promotional tool, which not only provides insights into the making of the story, but also shows that the kids' collaboration was not limited to the TV spot. The kids also designed all the OOH posters and the tote bag for the Christmas season. They even drew the logo. In addition, the little protagonists give their advice on the social media channels and on the recipe platform Migusto. They also helped the Migros engagement team organize a surprise event for other children.

The campaign can be seen immediately on TV and cinema, on (D)OOH, print, social media and display ads as well as on POP and will be continuously supplemented until Christmas.

Customer: Federation of Migros Cooperatives. Responsible agency: Wirz Group. Film production: Rosas and Co Films. Postproduction VFX/CGI: Glassworks. Postproduction: Southern-t / Marko Strihic / Wolfgang Weigl / Webrepublic. Music Composer: Jorrit Kleijnen. Tonstudio: Jingle Jungle. Sound Design: Dubdub Studios. Making-of: Sandeep Abraham. Products OOH: Detail. Event Organization: TitPit. Script, design, imagination: Travis (9), Nyah (8), Flavio (4), Shane (6), Elena (9), Olivia (10), Kenai (11), Jordan (7), Evan (11), Drillon (6), Sonam (8), Eva (6), Sacha (6), Maissa (5), Quentin (10), Marvin (6), Eliel (6), Jolina (7). Skyla (8), Enza (6), Rubina (9), Azia (10). Directed by: Rogier Hesp (37).

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