Thjnk: knitted Nati jerseys for Ochsner Sport and Puma

The first Winter Football World Cup kicked off on Sunday. So that fans here in Switzerland don't have to freeze, Ochsner Sport and Puma have launched a limited edition "Wool Jersey".

From Akanji to Sommer to Xhaka, the limited edition includes 10 red player sweaters and one blue goalie sweater. Every detail was taken care of during production - even the special shoulder cut was transferred to the 11 individual pieces, which were made by a Swiss company specializing in knitwear.

The sweater could be won during Switzerland's opening match against Cameroon. Simultaneously with the kick-off at 11 am, the sweepstakes started on Instagram and on Facebook.

Responsible at Ochsner Sport: Marco Greco (Head of Marketing), Patrizia Fiechter (Team Leader Classic Communication), Paddy Käser (Team Leader Content & Social Media), Nadine Holder, Christopher Landert, Jan Schmitter (Content & Social Media). Responsible at Thjnk Zurich: Alexander Jaggy, Pablo Schencke (GF Creation), Lukas Amgwerd (Creative Direction) Maira Weidmann (Text), Luca Stancheris, Lukas Frischknecht (Art Direction), Andrea Bison (GF Consulting), Marie Vuilleumier (Consulting), Alexandra Niggeler (Project Management & Art Buying). External partners: Jensen + Heitz (Production), Laurids Jensen (Director & Photo), Stephanie Heitz (Producer), Nicolas Heitz (DOP).

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