Fleurop: Kariem Hussein trains the fastest flower service in Switzerland

What does Fleurop do to remain the fastest flower service in Switzerland? It has its flower messengers trained by European hurdling champion and brand ambassador Kariem Hussein. The spots of the training sessions can now be seen on SRF, social media, YouTube and other media portals.

Fleurop's flower messengers actually work out every day when they deliver flowers and plants. But sometimes technology and fitness can make a big difference. That's why Fleurop COO Rinaldo Walser thought that the flower messengers could also be treated to a few training sessions. And since brand ambassador Kariem Hussein is not only a doctor but also a European champion in the 400-meter hurdles, it was only natural to ask him for help.

Flower delivery needs to be practiced

No sooner said than done. The Blumenbot:innen competed and were really challenged by coach Kariem. And the athlete took his task seriously. With the videos, the company wants to visualize that Fleurop is the fastest flower service in Switzerland. The flower messengers in the commercials were employees or florists from the Fleurop network who made themselves available for this campaign.

As with the last advertising campaign about the flower gift, the storyline for these videos was also developed in-house and designed in-house. Filmzimmer.ch is responsible for production and editing. The spots can be seen before and after the people magazine G&G on SRF and - during the World Cup - additionally before and after the show "Sykora & Gisler" and also run on social media, YouTube and other media portals.

Responsible at Fleurop: Rinaldo Walser (COO), Claudia Boller (Project Management & Media Planning), Angela Michel (Graphic & Design), Anita Lusti (Digital Marketing & Media Planning), Herrhess(Consulting Mandate). Film Production: Filmzimmer (production company), Sven Epting (producer, camera), Tamara Tramonti (editing, colorgrading visual effects & graphic animation).

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