Bold for Solafrica: The solar vignette puts the energy transition in the palm of your hand

With the Solarvignette, Swiss citizens can easily help to realize new solar plants themselves. And do double good in the process. A campaign by Bold will communicate this from November.

The Bern-based NGO Solafrica works to combat climate change with renewable energy. The company promotes the construction of solar plants in Switzerland. And uses the proceeds to implement various energy projects in Africa in order to create development opportunities for local people.

This is made possible by the "Solarvignette": With the Purchase own vignette a piece of solar equipment is co-financed. And exactly for the amount of energy needed to produce the electricity of the favorite appliance for one year.

The Bold agency is responsible for the current campaign. Since November, various online and offline measures have been launched - from web TV and social media to posters, advertisements and flyers at universities of applied sciences.

Responsible at Solafrica: Anna Opladen, Fabienne Biedermann. Responsible agency: Bold.

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